ON October 21, 2019

How to Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019 Products Requested from TechSoup


I often help with IT at a local non-profit, Foster Kinship. I help them with many of their technical needs, from network issues to installing cameras, to remotely helping solve individual computer issues, and I often even install software on their computers.

Foster Kinship recently purchased a bunch of copies of Microsoft Office 2019 from TechSoup.com, a website that helps non-profits get hardware and software at discounted, non-profit, prices.

In the past, installing Microsoft Office 2019 was a fairly simple task. Get the license key, download the software installer, then install and enter the key.

Recently Microsoft changed the installation procedure making it more challenging for anyone that is not very technical in nature. The person installing the software needs to follow a fairly involved set of detailed instructions on the TechSoup website.

The installation goes so far as to require the installer to use a command line; something a non-technecal person has not likely encountered before.

This makes takes the installation out of the realm of "just point and click to install".

While it's not extremely difficult for a technical person to implement the new installation instructions, even I, a very technical person, got hung up for over an hour trying to resolve an error that happened during installation.

Thus, I created this video tutorial to supplement the TechsSoup Office 2019 Installation Instructions. Hopefully, the video, along with my "gotcha" will help other non-profits to successfully install Microsoft Office 2019.

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