On January 11th, 2018

Submit Your New Website Page or Blog Post To Google for Instant Inclusion in Search Results

Terry Caliendo
Submit your new website page or blog post for instant inclusion in googles search results.circled

You just finished your new web page or blog post. Unfortunately, however, depending on how often Google crawls your website, it could be a short while or a long while before your hard work finally shows up in Google's search results.   You don't want your high-performing business to miss out on valuable potential business from your detailed work.  Luckily there's an easy way to instantly rank in Google's search engine results.

Google has a tool, which is part of its "Search Console" (formerly "webmaster tools"), that allows you to submit your new page or post to Google for immediate inclusion in search results.

Simply search on Google for "submit webpage to google" (or something similar) and Google will present you with quick submission box as part of your search results.

Submit your new website page or blog post for instant inclusion in googles search results

Note that you must have already set up and configured your website to work with Google's webmaster tools for the quick submission box to appear.

Here's how quickly it works!

Video: Submit your new website page or blog post to Google to immediately rank in Google's Search Results

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